20 Years and Counting

We recently held a 20 year celebration party at Lawrence Plastic Surgery.  It was a very special evening for us attended by many of the patients, staff, friends, family and special people that have been with us along our journey.  I want to thank all those who attended and ,especially, my terrific staff that conceived and organized this great event.

Over the years we have grown, changed, and adapted to the changes around us.  Times change, patients change, and medical care changes.  We’re now doing many new surgical procedures or the old ones in a very different way than we did  20 years ago. Nipple sparing mastectomies and immediate reconstruction with acellular dermal matrix products have changed breast reconstruction dramatically.  No drain abdominoplasties, no drain breast reductions, circumvertical mastopexies, routine use of silicone implants, neck lifts, short scar face lifts, and many other procedures are giving us better results and making recovery easier for our patients.

On the non-surgical side things have changed even more dramatically.  Botox, dermal fillers, laser techniques, IPL treatments, microdermabrasion, chemical peels, and other non-invasive treatments have added a whole new dimension to plastic surgery practice worldwide and these procedures play an important part of our approach to patients.  Most of these were not a part of my practice, or anyone else’s, when I first started.  Now, I can’t imagine how we got by without them.

As things around have changed it makes me even more grateful for the things that have not.  I’ve been supported  from the beginning by a wonderful family, a hardworking and loyal staff (most have been with me over a decade),  a cohesive and highly competent medical community, a first rate hospital and surgery center, and  innumerable patients that have referred their friends and family members to our practice.   To all of these people I am extremely grateful for keeping me and the practice thriving for all these years.

So thanks to everyone for the great evening and the 20 years that led up to it.  We’ll do our best here to adapt and adjust to changes in the coming years but remain true to our core.  Providing quality care in a welcoming and friendly atmosphere is what brought us this far and will sustain us in the future.