Reconstruction after Breast Cancer

Reconstruction: Case #1

40 year old patient with previous R mastectomy and radiation. Reconstructed with R latissimus dorsi flap and tissue expander. At second stage the expander was removed and bilateral silicone implants placed.

Reconstruction: Case #2

48 year old patient, bilateral TRAM reconstruction following bilateral mastectomies and radiation to L chest.

Reconstruction: Case #3

51 year old female underwent immediate reconstruction following bilateral skin/areola/nipple sparing mastectomies using tissue expanders and alloderm. Result is shown after removal of expanders and placement of silicone implants.

Reconstruction: Case #4

65 year old female with previous R lumpectomy underwent immediate reconstruction of the R breast following a skin sparing mastectomy with placement of a tissue expander and alloderm. 3 months later, the expander was removed, a silicone implant placed on the R, and an augmentation/mastopexy performed on the L for symmetry.

Reconstruction: Case #5

36 year old woman underwent bilateral skin sparing mastectomies and was reconstructed with initial placement of tissue expanders and alloderm. 3 months later the expanders were removed and bilateral silicone implants placed

Reconstruction: Case #6, Stage 1

48 year old woman with L mastectomy and radiation 5 years previously. Initial procedure was placement of a tissue expander and latissimus dorsi flap.

Reconstruction: Case #6, Stage 2

In her second operation the tissue expander was replaced with a silicone implant and a R breast reduction performed. Nipple reconstruction was done later as an office procedure.

Reconstruction: Case #7

57 year old patient underwent L mastectomy for cancer and immediate reconstruction using tissue expander and alloderm. Nipple sparing technique could not be used due to location of tumor. At second operation the expander was removed and bilateral silicone implants were placed.

Reconstruction: Case #8

61 year old woman required a R mastectomy. Immediate reconstruction performed with placement of tissue expander and alloderm. At second operation 4 months later the expander was removed and replace with a silicone implant. Mastopexy for symmetry was performed on the L.

Reconstruction: Case #9

41 year old patient underwent bilateral skin/nipple/areola sparing mastectomies and immediate reconstruction with tissue expanders and alloderm. Expanders removed and replaced with 800cc silicone implants at second operation.

Reconstruction: Case #10

Patient in late 40’s, ,TRAM flap reconstruction following skin sparing mastectomy for R breast CA. Underwent L mastopexy and R nipple reconstruction at second stage.

Reconstruction: Case #11

Patient in 40’s underwent delayed TRAM flap reconstruction on L following mastectomy. Underwent R mastopexy and L nipple/areolar reconstruction at second stage.

Reconstruction: Case #12

Patient in her 40’s underwent bilateral TRAM flaps as a delayed reconstruction

Reconstruction: Case #13

Patient in her 40’s underwent immediate bilateral TRAM flap reconstruction.