Cosmetic surgery insurance

For your added protection and security, we include cosmetic surgery insurance to cover unexpected complications from your operation in the cost of your operation.  It’s a benefit we offer that many other practices don’t and we do it at no extra charge to you.

CosmetAssure covers unexpected complications and hospitalization that could add thousands of dollars of unexpected costs to your procedure that might not be covered by your traditional health insurance.  While we seldom have needed to utilize this benefit, if gives our patients additional peace of mind and security before and after the operation.

Important aspects of CosmetAssure insurance:

  • The majority of major medical health insurance policies exclude treatment of a complication following elective aesthetic surgery, even if medically necessary.
  • For patients having elective cosmetic surgery, CosmetAssure is an affordable protection against additional medical costs associated with unexpected complications.
  • Board-certified plastic surgeons helped to design this program for their peers.
  • CosmetAssure is a solution to the lack of coverage for medical complications that can occur during or after elective cosmetic procedures.
  • All surgeons must go through an approval process prior to becoming a CosmetAssure participating surgeon.
  • CosmetAssure is only available to patients through a participating surgeon.
  • CosmetAssure covers certain medical complications that can occur during or after one or more of the 17 Covered Procedures.
  • If a complication occurs, CosmetAssure can help to ease the worry of additional and unexpected medical expenses.
  • Experienced, award-winning claims representatives handle all CosmetAssure claims.

For more information on this important benefit, please check the CosmetAssure website.