Permanent cosmetic makeup

We were skeptical of this procedure when people started getting permanent cosmetic make up many years ago.  We had seen patients that had this procedure done elsewhere by practitioners that lacked the skill or artistic eye to give a satisfactory appearance.  The techniques, equipment, and training improved over the years and we began seeing much better results.  Once we were sure it was a safe and effective treatment we could recommend to our patients, we started performing this procedure in our office about 10 years ago,

Permanent cosmetic makeup frees patients from the daily routine of applying makeup to enhance their eyes, eyebrows, and lips.  Patty, our aesthetician with years of training and experience in this procedure, carefully assesses her patients and discusses their needs.  She works with them to select the proper color for application, which is then tattooed into the skin of the eyelids, brows, or lips.  When a local anesthetic is required, this can be administered by  our physician.  There is typically minimal pain and recovery time involved in this procedure.  Although you will see an immediate result, touch ups are sometimes necessary to finalize your result.

We have been impressed by the results we have seen with this procedures and how much our patients appreciate being able to skip the daily routine of their most difficult makeup applications.  Talk to others who have had it done in our office and you’ll be convinced this small investment will have a big payoff.