Coronavirus update

We are closely monitoring the recommendations of the CDC as well as our state and local health agencies in regard to the COVID-19 virus outbreak as we’re  committed to the health of our patients, our staff, and our community.   In keeping with those guidelines, we are asking those patients that have developed respiratory symptoms, cough, or fever or other symptoms of the disease to … Continue reading Coronavirus update

Breast reduction surgery and obesity

Numerous studies and our own large experience have shown that breast reduction surgery is very successful in relieving symptoms in a wide range of patients, regardless of their weight. However, studies have shown that obese patients (defined a Body Mass Index of 30 or more) undergoing surgery are more prone to complications at the time of surgery and during recovery.   While the overall risks of … Continue reading Breast reduction surgery and obesity


All I can say is “Wow”.  We’re really impressed with the results we’ve been getting with microneedling!   Although this skin treatment has been around for years with so-so results, the new technology which refines and mechanizes this technique with high speed untrafine micro needles is giving us better results at a lower cost than anything we’ve seen.  We now have a treatment that we … Continue reading Microneedling

Abdominoplasty and BMI

We were recently asked by a patient how BMI affects our decision to perform abdominoplasty. We thought this was an excellent question and I’ll paraphrase it below. Every case is individual and I don’t necessarily have a cutoff or absolute BMI number that determines if I will or won’t do an abdominoplasty. I lot of factors play into the decision. I tell all my patients … Continue reading Abdominoplasty and BMI

No-drain Abdominoplasty

Traditional abdominoplasty procedures have always involved the placement of drains to prevent abnormal fluid collection beneath the recently moved skin to prevent fluid collection.  These are flexible tubes placed during surgery which attach to small suction bulbs, continuously pulling out fluid for the first few days or occasionally weeks after surgery.  The drains are left in place until the fluid output decreases, and then are … Continue reading No-drain Abdominoplasty

The “Refresh” lift

For many years, we looked for a facelift that bridged the gap between a full facelift and the non-invasive lift procedures (laser, Fraxel, string lifts, feather lifts, etc.).  Traditional facelifts are great, but are a little more extensive than many of our patients needed.  Non-invasive facelifts have limited down time and risk, but the results are generally fairly limited and of short duration.  We had … Continue reading The “Refresh” lift

Why is it important to be nicotine free before surgery?

While smoking is detrimental to a person’s health for a number of reasons, it is poses particular problems for patients undergoing surgery.   Nicotine, whether from cigarettes, patches, gum, etc., causes vasoconstriction in the small vessels that we count on to heal newly created wounds.  This is especially true in certain procedures where the normal blood supply is disrupted and the tissues are tightened at the … Continue reading Why is it important to be nicotine free before surgery?

Does liposuction help with weight loss?

Not really.  While a patient may lose a few pounds after the procedure, it really is not an effective weight reduction tool.  Frankly, there are a lot easier and cheaper ways to lose a few pounds!  While large volume liposuction has been done in which 10 or more pounds are removed, we don’t advocate this as a procedure to be used when weight loss is … Continue reading Does liposuction help with weight loss?

Is breast reduction surgery covered by insurance?

Usually.  When we meet with a patient we discuss their symptoms and history of treatment, exam and measure the breasts, record their height and weight, and take photographs.  After the visit, we will write a letter to your insurance company discussing our findings and ask for a predetermination as to whether the procedure will be a covered under your policy.  Depending on the company, we … Continue reading Is breast reduction surgery covered by insurance?

Breast-feeding after breast surgery

Patients who are considering breast surgery such as breast augmentation, breast reduction, or a lift often ask us about their ability to breast feed after surgery if they have children.  They want to know if breast-feeding will be possible, and have often heard different answers from various medical practitioners and friends.  The answer depends on the type of surgery being performed and how it will … Continue reading Breast-feeding after breast surgery