Correction of your previous breast surgery

There are many reasons patients come to see us to correct problems with their breasts following previous breast surgery.  We welcome the chance to work with these patients and do what is needed to restore the breasts to their best possible appearance.  This type of surgery is often referred to as secondary surgery or revision surgery. These secondary operations can sometimes be technically challenging, as the original anatomy will have necessarily been changed by the first operation.  It is important to seek out a surgeon with experience in this type of surgery to ensure the best result.

Reasons patients need secondary breast surgery

When patients come to see us for corrective breast surgery after having their original surgery elsewhere, in the majority of cases the original operation was done correctly.  However, changes associated with aging, gravity, pregnancy, and weight fluctuation can make breasts that originally had a very good shape lose their attractiveness.  Just as these factors can affect a breast before surgery, they can affect the appearance afterward.  Because we have been in practice since 1994, we have been able to witness these changes in our own patients and document these changes with photographs.  This experience has given us a better understanding of how these factors can change a breast over time.

We also see patients who feel the initial outcome of their operation done elsewhere did not meet their expectations.  We always urge patients to first discuss this with their original surgeon, as this surgeon can sometimes most easily perform a quick “touch up” operation.  However, if you are unhappy with this surgeon due to communication problems, concerns over how the operation was performed, distance, or simply want an impartial second opinion, we would be happy to meet with you.

The consultation

When we see a patient for corrective breast surgery done elsewhere, it is helpful to have as much information about the original surgery, especially if implants were placed.  If you have any medical records, please bring this to your consultation.  We are particularly interested in operative notes, implant information, and any photographs (especially those taken before your operation).  We will discuss your concerns and assess your breasts.  We will then discuss options available to improve the appearance of your breasts.

What we can do

There are many possible approaches we might suggest to improve the appearance of your breasts ranging from a minor scar correction to essentially a complete “re-do” of the operation.  As we stated earlier, these secondary operations can sometimes be technically challenging, and may require multiple problems to be corrected.  Some of the procedures that might be required include:

After previous breast augmentation

  • Implant replacement for size change
  • Implant replacement for failure (leakage, etc.)
  • Correction of capsular contracture
  • Correction of rippling
  • Implant repositioning
  • Correction of “bottoming out”
  • Repositioning of breast tissue which has drooped off the implant
  • Fat grafting to correct deformities

After previous breast reduction

  • Removal of additional breast tissue
  • Reshaping of breasts that have deflated or drooped
  • Placement of an implant to correct significant deflation, especially after massive weight loss
  • Scar correction

After previous mastopexy

  • “Re-lifting” the breasts
  • Placement of implants to improve upper breast fullness
  • Scar correction

After previous breast reconstruction

  • Essentially all of the above plus
  • Removing implants, reconstruction with the patients own tissue
  • Fat grafting to correct deformities

(Note: Insurance coverage may be available for correction of problems after breast reconstruction.)

During your consultation, we will discuss our suggestions and operative plan for correction.  In some cases we may advise you not to have additional surgery if we feel that minimal or no improvement can be made.

The surgery

Minor corrections (scar revision, etc.) can sometimes be performed in our office under local anesthesia.  More extensive procedures are performed in the operating room at the Lawrence Surgery Center on an outpatient basis.  The time for recovery ranges widely depending on the procedure and we will discuss this at the time of your consultation.

Why choose Lawrence Plastic Surgery?

With a board certified plastic surgeon with over 20 years experience working alongside a certified plastic surgical nurse we are familiar with a wide variety of conditions that can develop in breasts and the corrective procedures that may be required.  We will take the time to discuss your concerns, explain your options, and if it is required, perform your surgery with utmost care.  We have the skill and experience necessary to take on these types of cases and welcome the challenge.