Chin Implants

Chin implants are a great way to add fullness and projection to the chin and improve a patient’s profile.  The implant procedure can be performed in the office under a local anesthetic or in the operating room.  We sometimes place chin implants as part of more extensive facial rejuvenation procedures, such as necklifts and facelifts.

Best candidates

The best candidates for this procedure have a mild to moderate underprojection of the chin, good dentition, and no significant underlying medical problems.  Patients with severe underprojection of the chin, significant abnormalities of the jaw, or abnormal occlusion may require more extensive orthognathic surgery to correct their appearance and may not be good candidates for a chin implant.

The consultation

At your initial consultation we will evaluate your face, review your photographs, take measurements and discuss ways we can achieve the look you want. We’ll review the procedure, discuss how it is performed, show photographs, , and come up with an operative plan that suits your needs.  We typically place solid but flexible silicone chin implants which come in a variety of styles and sizes.  Based on your measurements, we will select one that fits your need for correction and your underlying bone structure

The implant

There are several types of chin implants available and a good result can be achieved with all of them.  We prefer the flexible silicone implants to the firmer implants for several reasons.  We find that because of their flexibility they are easier to place through a small incision than a hard implant.  They can also be readily trimmed at the time of placement to insure an exact fit.  Finally, should they ever need to be removed or replaced, they are easily removed as the bodies tissues grow around them, not into them.

The procedure

We typically perform this in the office under a local anesthetic, unless we are in the operating room performing a more extensive procedure (necklift, facelift, etc.).  We usually utilize a small incision made in the crease under the chin to place the implant.  A pocket is created to match the size and shape of the implant, which then lies against the bone and is covered by the soft tissues of the skin.  The incision is then closed using sutures and a flesh colored tape strip applied.  We have also utilized an incision placed inside the mouth at the base of the teeth, but generally prefer the external approach. The procedure generally takes about 1-1½ hours.


The pain following the procedure is minimal, with very few patients requiring more than a few pain pills. Regular activities can be resumed in about 24 hours.  Swelling is common the first few days after surgery, then fades gradually over the next week or two.  Bruising is somewhat unpredictable, with some patients having none at all and others showing some discoloration for a week or more.  This can usually be covered with makeup.

Why we like this procedure

Most patients are very surprised how quick and easy the procedure is and how much increasing the prominence of their chin can improve their appearance.  This small change can sometimes make a dramatic difference.

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