Facial and Neck Liposuction

Liposuction of the face is a quick and easy way to correct early jowling as well as excess fat in the submental region (the part of the neck under the chin) to get rid of a “double chin” look.  This procedure can usually be performed in the office under local anesthesia and takes under an hour.

Liposuction versus non-invasive techniques

We have evaluated the newer techniques for addressing these areas and find them inferior to what we are accomplishing with liposuction.  There is less pain and recovery than with injection of fat dissolving substances and we can more accurately target the areas to be treated than with external fat dissolving techniques (CoolSculpting and others).  Some of these methods require multiple treatments rather than a single liposuction procedure and therefore can cost more.  Just like liposuction, none of these methods significantly tighten skin so patients with loose skin will be disappointed with their results. Finally, liposuction has a proven track record of over 25 years of great results- something the other treatments can’t claim.

Best candidates

The best patients for this procedure have fairly good quality skin that will have the ability to shrink and contract when the underlying skin is removed.  Patients with excessive skin laxity risk having loose, deflated looking skin remaining after the procedure, and will likely require a skin tightening procedure as well to achieve a good result.

The consultation

At your initial consultation we will evaluate your face, review your photographs, and discuss ways we can achieve the look you want.  We will carefully evaluate the quality of the skin as well as the amount of underlying fat to be removed.  We’ll review the procedure, discuss how it is performed, show photographs, and come up with an operative plan that suits your needs.

The procedure

We typically perform this in the office under a local anesthetic, unless we are in the operating room performing a more extensive procedure (necklift, facelift, etc.). A local anesthetic is injected into the fatty tissue we plan to remove as well as the surrounding area.  A small incision is made in the crease under the chin and a blunt tipped hollow cannula is used to remove the fat using a syringe.  The incision is then closed with a single suture.  Suctioning takes about 10 minutes and entire procedure takes less than 1 hour.


The pain following the procedure is minimal, with very few patients requiring more than one or two pain pills.  We will place you in a compressive band that needs to stay in place the first 48 hours and then worn when you are sleeping and around the house for a week following surgery.  Regular activities can be resumed in about 24 hours.  Swelling is common the first few days after surgery, then fades gradually over the next week or two.  Bruising is somewhat unpredictable, with some patients having none at all and others showing some discoloration for a week or more.  This can usually be covered with makeup.

Why we like this procedure

Most patients are very surprised how quick and easy the procedure is and how much this subtle removal of excess fat can improve the appearance of their face.  The difference is not dramatic, just nice and natural.