Welcome Dr. Durland!

We’ve got some exciting changes in the works at Lawrence Plastic Surgery.  Dr. Samantha Durland  is going to be bringing her practice to our office starting in August.  Many of you may know Sam from her many years spent practicing at Lawrence OB-GYN Specialists.  She has decided to leave her current practice location at Lawrence Memorial Hospital and set up an independent practice providing GYN services.  We have known Dr. Durland for years and are excited to announce that she will be basing her practice at our Lawrence office. As a large percentage of our patients are female, it seemed like a natural fit to invite Dr. Durland to share our space.  She brings a wealth of experience, surgical skill, and boundless enthusiasm into our office and we can’t wait for her to get started!

This practice situation is unique to Lawrence and (to our knowledge) the region.  Combining plastic surgery services, aesthetician services, and gynecologic services all in one location provides a better way to serve our patients and Dr. Durland and I look forward to collaborating with one another. We are currently in the process of reconfiguring our space which involves moving some offices, adding equipment, rearranging furniture and doing some light construction.  All of this means a little more mess and mild chaos at times for the staff, so please be patient while we try to make this transition as smooth as possible.  As usual, everyone at the office has been great during all this, even when it involves putting in extra hours, moving file cabinets, and doing the dirty work that any move involves. It helps that we have something really great to look forward to when this new chapter in our practice starts in August!

We’ll be providing more updates as this process continues.  Stay tuned!