Welcome to our updated website

We’re still putting on the finishing touches but we’re excited about the new look and updates so we brought it out now.  Our website is different from many other plastic surgery practice websites- no stock photos of impossibly beautiful models.  All the photos you see on the site are of our patients and our staff.  Many thanks to Ginny Weaver (Ginny Weaver Design) and Stephanie Weaver (Sweetweaver Web Works) for their hard work, expertise, and collaboration in helping us put all this together.  Brian Goodman and Tim Nauman did some great photographs of our patients and staff and we appreciate those patients kind enough to let us use their before and after photos to help others understand our procedures.  We’ll be adding more photos and updated content soon to make our site even better.

We wanted to create a website that informs you about our practice and the procedures we perform and mirror what we do in our office.  We try to inform and educate our patients and help them choose the treatment that is right for them.

Please let us know what you think.  If you have suggestions, spot typos, or see areas for improvement in our “first draft” please let us know so we can continue making improvements.