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At Lawrence Plastic Surgery, we strive to combine technical excellence in cosmetic and reconstructive surgery with a friendly, comfortable atmosphere. 

Since 1994 we’ve treated over 23,000 patients from 35 states and 7 countries.  We have a Johns Hopkins and Vanderbilt trained Board Certified Plastic Surgeon (25+ years of experience), Experienced RN’s and Injectors, Licensed Aesthetician (25+ years), Certified Medical Assistant (15 years), and an experienced office staff caring for you every step of the way. One great team working together to give you the best experience possible.

We truly value our patients and appreciate they have chosen us for their medical care. While we are a busy practice, we believe that the quality of our work is more important than the quantity. 

Surgical & Cosmetic Services

Why Choose Lawrence Plastic Surgery?

Discover incredible possibilities and achieve your goals with the professionals at Lawrence Plastic Surgery. 

We have a strong reputation for quality built from treating thousands of patients over the years. We strive to make sure all our patients are treated with the personal touch that everyone deserves from the moment they walk into our office.

We’re not employed by a hospital, health care system, or corporation. This allows us to determine how we treat our patients, where we refer them, our practice policies, and the staff we employ. We interact closely with referring physicians from multiple clinics, health systems and locations. We value this independence as we feel it’s the best way to meet our patients needs and individualize their care.

Experience makes a difference, especially when it comes to your medical care. Our medical care team uses the latest in plastic surgery techniques and technology to help minimize pain and speed up your recovery. 

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