Blepharoplasty & Other Eyelid Procedures

Blepharoplasty Overview

Removing excess skin from the upper or lower eyelids, removing the bags underneath the eyes, and tightening the skin can not only help you look better but see better, too. That’s why it remains one of our favorite procedures to perform on the face.

Your First Visit

At your initial consultation we will evaluate your face and eyes, review your photographs, and discuss ways we can achieve the look you want.  We will review the procedure, showing photographs and diagrams on how it is performed, and come up with an operative plan that suits your needs.  

Working with your Doctor

We ask that patients be seen by their optometrist or ophthalmologist for a routine check within 1 year or less prior to surgery to confirm there are no underlying problems with your eyes, such as glaucoma or other diseases. Of course, we will ask you about your overall health history and medications to make sure we can do the operation safely.  If you have certain medical conditions we may need to contact your primary physician prior to surgery for medical clearance.

Upper Eyelids

The effects of aging may gradually cause the upper eyelids to droop.  This is typically due to a combination of skin excess and gradual falling of the brow.  In some cases the muscles that help hold the eyelid open may become gradually detached from their normal position, making it hard to keep the eyelid open.

Patients who experience minor to moderate amounts of skin excess may come to see us for cosmetic correction.  As the process progresses, the excess tissue may actually obstruct the vision, and the repair of this becomes a functional operation to help restore the visual field.

View Upper Eyelid Surgery in 3D

Lower Eyelids