Can Breast Reconstruction Be Redone?

It’s no secret that breast cancer treatment can take a toll on a woman’s body. Whether it’s a mastectomy, lumpectomy, or radiation therapy, the road to recovery can be overwhelming. But there is hope.


Coronavirus Update

We are closely monitoring the recommendations of the CDC as well as our state and local health agencies in regard to the COVID-19 virus outbreak


Breast Reduction Surgery and Obesity

Numerous studies and our own large experience have shown that breast reduction surgery is very successful in relieving symptoms in a wide range of patients,


No-Drain Abdominoplasty

Traditional abdominoplasty procedures have always involved the placement of drains to prevent abnormal fluid collection beneath the recently moved skin to prevent fluid collection.  These


The “Refresh” Lift Method

For many years, we looked for a facelift that bridged the gap between a full facelift and the non-invasive lift procedures (laser, Fraxel, string lifts,