Microneedling is one of our most popular treatments for skin rejuvenation. This minimal downtime procedure has helped us bridge the gap between the more superficial treatment of microdermabrasion and the more aggressive treatment of laser resurfacing. skin treatments.

Microneedling Overview

Best Candidates

Although almost anyone will see some improvement after microneedling, the best results are seen in those with mild to moderate skin changes that are the result of sun exposure and age. We have also had success in treating some forms of acne scarring with better results than we were previously able to achieve with laser treatment, chemical peels, and other treatment modalities. Unlike some other treatments, microneedling can be used on all skin types regardless of the degree of pigmentation.

Treatment Overview

After applying a topical anesthetic the face the face is treated with a handheld microneedling device. We utilize the SkinPen system, which has an array of ultrafine needles at the tip which penetrate the skin thousands of times a minute. It sounds scary, but these ultrafine needles penetrate only a short distance into the skin and most patients experience minimal discomfort during and after the procedure.



Following the treatment, which takes approximately 30 minutes for the entire face, we apply topical agents which sooth the skin and aid in recovery and renewal. In the days that follow the collegen in the deeper layers of the skin is stimulated by the micropores which have been created to promote new growth.  The result is healthier looking skin with minimal downtime.

Following your treatment your face will look red, much like a sunburn.  Most patients can apply makeup the following day and return to normal activities, although some redness may remain for a few days.  Pain is typically minimal.

Treatment Areas