Laser Skin Resurfacing

The effects of sun exposure and age gradually take their toll on the skin of the face. For mild changes, microdermabrasion, light chemical peels, topical agents, and a good skin care regimen may be sufficient. However, when treatment of the deeper layers of the skin is needed, we use the Venus erbium laser for treatment.  This treatment in our dedicated laser room helps restore the youthful appearance of the skin in a safe, reliable procedure.

Laser Skin Resurfacing Overview

First Visit

At your initial consultation, we will assess your skin type, discuss previous skin treatments you may have had, and take photographs. If laser resurfacing appears to be the best way to improve your skin, we will discuss the procedure, the depth of peel you may require, the costs (this is considered cosmetic and not covered by insurance), and schedule your treatment.


The laser allows us to perform resurfacing by removing the upper layers of the skin with amazing accuracy. Energy levels can be changed during treatment and with subsequent treatments based on the skin’s response to assure that the correct depth of penetration is achieved to produce the result we desire. The treatment can easily be fine-tuned to match a patient’s skin needs and schedule.

The Procedure

Laser treatments are performed in our Lawrence office by our physicians or trained aestheticians utilizing a local or topical anesthetic. We will utilize our Venus erbium laser to treat all or part of your face. Treatment times are usually 30 minutes to 1 hour.