Botox® Injections

There’s a reason why Botox and other botulinum injections (Dysport, Xeomin) are the most commonly performed cosmetic procedure. It works. Over 7,000,000 injections were performed last year, an increase of over 800% from the year 2000. It is a quick way to decrease the wrinkles and furrows in the face caused by the contraction or the underlying muscles.

Botox® Injections Overview

How it Works

Many wrinkles and furrows in the skin are caused by the contraction of the underlying muscles. As we age these lines occur in fairly predicable locations such as the forehead, between the eyebrows, around the eyes, and around the mouth.

Injection of Botox temporarily weakens and paralyzes the muscles in the areas we treat, usually for 3-6 months. Although the wrinkles themselves are not injected, the wrinkles tend to soften and disappear once the muscles are treated. This muscle relaxation also slows the formation of wrinkles in the future.

Treatment Areas

  • Frown lines in the glabella (the area at the top of the nose between the eyebrows)
  • Around the eyes (“crows feet”)
  • Perioral (around the mouth)
  • Forehead

The Procedure

The actual injections of Botox only take a few minutes in our office. However, it is import to first carefully evaluate your wrinkles and furrows to determine where we will inject the medication and how much we will use. All patients are slightly different in the relative strength of their facial muscles and how they use them, which we will take into account when we treat you. Appreciating these subtle differences is what sets us apart from inexperienced injectors.

Once we have determined our injection pattern, we first chill the area with a cool pack to minimize pain. The injections take just a few minutes and cause minimal discomfort. You may have some slight swelling and redness of the injection site for a few hours. Bruising may occur but is unusual. You may resume everyday activities right away, but we suggest you refrain from strenuous activities such as vigorous exercise for the rest of the day. The medication generally takes effect in 3-5 days.

If you are having injections for the first time we may ask you to return in a week or two to see if we have achieved the desired effects. This will help us adjust and fine-tune your future treatments. We want you to have a natural appearance and will avoid overtreatment that may give you a flat appearance to your expressions.

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Combined Procedures