Microblading is the newest technique to create amazing eyebrows. It is a tattoo technique in which a handheld tool, made of several tiny needles is used to add semi-permanent pigment into the skin. Using a precision brushstroke technique Patty can create, enhance or reshape eyebrows one individual hair at a time. Pigment is placed in the upper region of the dermis so it may fade faster than the machine powdered brow look. Procedure take approximately 90 minutes. Brows will heal in approximately one week. A perfecting follow-up/touch-up treatment will be done at 4 to 6 weeks.

Patty performs microblading and discusses the procedure at our virtual open house on January 15, 2021.


Microneedling stimulates collagen production by creating a controlled injury underneath the skin’s surface. The injury induces the body’s natural healing response which cause the formation of collagen. The new collagen & elastin production can reduce sun damage, improve acne scars and enhance the overall appearance of your skin. Microneedling can be used on most skin types for a wide range of issues, including acne scarring, vertical lines around the lip area & tone/texture of the skin. This minimal downtime procedure has helped us bridge the gap between the more superficial treatment of microdermabrasion and the more aggressive treatment of laser resurfacing. Procedure usually preformed in a series of 3 to 6 treatments, four to six weeks apart.

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Skin Peels

Skin peels are a popular way to treat your skin and rejuvenate your appearance. Our aestheticians are skilled in a number of different types of peels, as this definitely is not a “one size fits all” technique. Different formulas and application times will be tailored specifically for your type of skin and problem areas. The treatment will leave you looking great and feeing refreshed. As with many other “no down time” skin rejuvenation techniques, a series of treatments may be required to achieve the desired effect.

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HydraFacial is a medical-grade treatment that is awesome for most skin types. For oily, problem skin, you will see clear pores, reduced oil and less break out. For anti aging , you will see a reduction in lines/wrinkles,hydration & smooth glowing skin. Plus, your skin looks amazing for weeks!

From our Virtual Open House on 1/15/2021, Patty performs a HydraFacial as she explains the procedure.

Erbium Laser Peels

When chemical peels, microdermabrasion, and good skin care products aren’t enough, we utilize our Venus erbium laser to resurface and rejuvenate the skin. This specific wavelength will ablate and remove the superficial layers of the skin. The laser promotes collagen production which reduces fine lines. Some redness and minor swelling is normal 4 or 5 days after treatment followed by peeling of the skin. This procedure reveals a smoother and refreshed appearance. This laser can also be used to target brown spots/pigmented lesion.

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IPL - Intense Pulse Light

Intense Pulse Light is a light therapy used to treat sun damage, broken blood vessels, rosacea, hyper-pigmentation and reduction of hair. It’s a photo rejuvenation treatment!
IPL can be done on any part of the body with minimal down time. Most people start with their face but once they see results, they tend to travel to other areas like chest, back and hands.

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Intense Pulse Light Hair Reduction

Intense Pulse Light can reduce hair growth, most effectively in dark, course hair on light to medium skin tones. The light travels through the skin until it strikes the hair shafts or hair follicle. As the light is absorbed, the bulb and most of the hair shaft are heated, destroying the hair-producing papilla. Hair reduction must be done in the hair’s “active” stage. Not all hair follicles are active at the same time, which means you are probably only treating 1/3 of the follicles during a session. For optimal results, you must be consistent in treatment intervals, general being 4 to 6 weeks apart. No tanning or self tanner should be used two week prior to treatment, as this can cause the energy to remain in the surface pigment, instead of traveling down the shaft which can cause blistering or a burn.

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Botox® Injections

Whether alone or along with other cosmetic procedures, these injections to soften facial wrinkles are the most commonly performed cosmetic procedure.  We’ve been injecting Botox since 2001 and do more than any other practice in Lawrence.

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Dermal Fillers

Another injectable and very popular treatment for the aging face, fillers are a quick way to reduce obvious signs of aging around the mouth, eyes, and other areas of the face.

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Permanent cosmetic makeup

With over 15 years of experience, Patty can put her skills to work for you to provide a permanent solution to your daily makeup routine.  Permanent eyeliner and enhancement of the eyebrows are her most popular procedures PCM procedures.

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Lash and brow tinting

Professionally tinting lashes and brows with your unique selected color will awaken your eyes for a brighter and more dramatic appearance.  Whether as a stand-alone procedure or as an addition to other procedures you may be considering, it’s a quick and easy way for our aestheticians to make a real difference in your appearance.

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Waxing of unwanted facial hair

Waxing is a quick and easy treatment for removing unwanted hair from the face, particularly the upper lip, chin and eyebrow region.  Along with laser hair removal, our aestheticians are experienced and trained to help you with your hair removal needs.

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Facials & Chemical Peels

Just because you’re in a medical office doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a relaxing facial in a spa-like atmosphere. Facials are a non-medical grade of skin rejuvenation and pampering. A combination of exfoliants, moisturizers, and massage will help prepare your skin for that special event or simply provide a relaxing refinishing treatment with a spa type flare.

Our aestheticians perform a variety of specialized chemical peels designed especially for your problem skin.  Whether alone or combined with our other skin treatments, they can use the latest in peel techniques and formulas to help rejuvenate and revitalize your skin.

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Skin care products

We carry an extensive selection of skin care products to provide you with ongoing skin care after you leave the office.  Our aestheticians will review your current skin care regimen and suggest ways you can keep your skin in great shape for years to come. For more details see our skin products section.

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Our crystal free microdermabrasion treatments combine serious skin care with serious pampering that will leave you looking better and feeling refreshed.  Try a single treatment or a series of treatments for even better results.