All I can say is “Wow”.  We’re really impressed with the results we’ve been getting with microneedling!   Although this skin treatment has been around for years with so-so results, the new technology which refines and mechanizes this technique with high speed untrafine micro needles is giving us better results at a lower cost than anything we’ve seen.  We now have a treatment that we can use year round with lower cost and less downtime than laser treatments and we’re finding it’s great for skin rejuvenation and even acne scarring.

I have to give our aestheticians, Patty and Cheri, total credit for this one.  They urged me to take another look at microneedling, a technique I had looked at a number of years ago when it was being done with mechanical rollers and was unimpressed.  They arranged for a demo of the SkinPen in our office on some patients and staff and we liked what we saw.  We completed our training and in just over 2 months they have done over 100 treatments, mainly on the face, neck, and chest.  Patients love the results and are telling their friends.  We have introduced this at our Topeka Elite Esthetics office as well with similar enthusiasm.  In over 20 years I’ve never seen a new treatment, device, or procedure that was so rapidly embraced and asked for by our patients.

Those of us who have been in the skin rejuvenation field for many years  are accustomed  to hearing the exaggerated hype that comes with any new product, procedure, or device. We tend to be pretty skeptical.  But we think this one is the real deal and is here to stay.