Breast Procedures

At Lawrence Plastic Surgery we are well known for our skill and attention to breast surgery. We perform both cosmetic and reconstructive surgery of the breast, utilizing the best and latest techniques to enhance, reduce, reshape, or restore your breasts. We bring our experience of over 25 years and hundreds of patients to every case we perform.

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Breast Implant Patient Education

Breast Augmentation

kellerfunnelsealThe most popular of our cosmetic breast procedures, we utilize both silicone and saline breast implants to give your breasts the fullness you’ve always wanted or used to have.  We pride ourselves in achieving a natural full look in our patients using a variety of implant sizes, shapes, and types specifically tailored to match their individual needs. We use the Keller Funnel. To learn more visit

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Breast Lift (Mastopexy)

When age, childbearing, gravity or weight loss have caused excessive drooping in the breasts, a breast lift can be performed to restore their appearance and position. We utilize a variety of techniques, utilizing breast implants when needed, to give you the best possible result.

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Breast augmentation / mastopexy

When the breasts are both undersized and have a significant amount of drooping, a combination of both breast implant placement and lifting may be required.  This combined procedure can address both problems in a single procedure.

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Breast Reduction

The excess weight of large breasts can lead to a wide range of physical problems especially in the upper back, neck, and shoulders. Breast reduction is one our favorite breast procedures, as it gives us the opportunity to provide significant relief from these symptoms while improving your appearance at the same time.

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Breast Reconstruction after Mastectomy

We introduced breast reconstruction to the Lawrence area over 25 years ago and helped Lawrence Memorial Hospital  and Lawrence become a regional destination for  breast cancer care and  reconstruction.  Over the years our practice has evolved to focusing on breast reconstruction revision surgery,  providing corrections to results that may be less than ideal due to the original surgery or simply that have changed over time.   We will be glad to talk you and explain how the latest techniques can help you restore your breast to its best possible appearance.

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Breast Reconstruction after Partial Mastectomy

Some patients choose breast-conserving therapy for their cancer (lumpectomy and radiation) and find that they are left with significant breast asymmetry or deformities.  We can use a variety of techniques to correct these deformities when they occur.

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Correction of your previous breast surgery

If you have undergone a previous breast operation for cosmetic or reconstructive reasons and are considering further surgery to improve or restore your initial result, we would be happy to evaluate you and discuss options to achieve the correction you desire.

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Breast Implant replacement or removal

If you are having problems with a breast implant, silicone or saline, or simply desire cosmetic improvement, we have a long experience with a wide variety of implant types and can help you understand your options including simple replacement, capsulotomy/capsulectomy, en bloc removal, pocket revision, and more.

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Fat Grafting

One of the newest techniques in breast surgery, we are excited about the growing applications and uses of a patient’s own fat to correct deformities and enhance cosmetic results.

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We utilize liposuction, direct excision, or a combination of techniques to correct this embarrassing and sometimes painful condition.

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